Unit 03(OHS)

Unit 03 : Socio-Economic Aspects of Occupational Health and Safety

Gender differentials have been observed in terms of exposure to health hazards, in the context of women. The biological structure of the female body exhibits certain specific reactions to dangerous materials not seen among men. Employers need to understand such specific needs of women and ensure their protection from such hazardous materials. Employers also need to be sensitive to female biological processes like menstruation and pregnancy and follow prescribed norms that ensure that the health and safety of women at the workplace are not compromised. Further, legal norms of the minimum age for employment need to be adhered to and child labour should not be employed in a workplace.

After completing this Unit, you should be familiar with the following concepts and issues:

  • Occupational health hazards for women
  • Sexual harassment at work
  • Definition of child labour and its causes
  • Hazards for child workers in various sectors
  • Occupational health problems of workers in the unorganised sector
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