Unit 2(OHS)

Unit 02 : Sector Specific Occupational Health And Safety Issues

Different industries have different health hazards. Therefore, for efficient prevention of occupational hazards one must look at each industry specifically, to prevent mishaps in that workplace.  

The unit looks into the various industries where the risk to work related health hazards are high. Primary and secondary sectors like the mining industry, the electronics manufacturing industry and the food processing industry are discussed in the Unit.

Environmental hazards such as humidity, dust and fibre pollution, noise, vibration, electric shocks, explosions, fires, diesel exhaust, inundations, radiation exposure, roof/ rock falls, poisoning and biological risks. Hazards include respiratory problems, skin disorders, parasitic infection, noise, hearing problems, musculoskeletal disorders, etc. are found in these varied occupations

Textile units such as cotton, wool, silk, Viscose Rayon, Synthetic Fibre and carpet units also have health hazards. Construction, Pharmaceutical and Steel Industry also faces many chemical, physical, biological and psychological hazards.

After doing the chapter the learner would have knowledge about

  • Health and Safety Risks in Mining
  • Health Hazards in Electronic Industry
  • Health Hazards in Food Processing Industry
  • Health Hazards in Other Industries
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