Unit- 01 (OHS)


Unit 1 : Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety

Industrialisation in Britain led to large scale development, which helped to lower the price of goods. However, industrialization also led to gruelling work hours and the exposure to toxins, as well as other health hazards related to dust, extreme temperatures, noise etc.

Today we have come to a stage where the developing countries are on the path of industrialization of their own. Increasing productions and profit are the driving motivators of the industries, so much so that the welfare of the workers has taken a back stage. However, state governments, as well as international organisations such as the ILO, WHO have formulated standards, norms, policies and legislation to protect the health, life and the rights of workers. 

After completing this unit, you should be familiar with the following concepts and issues:

  • Key principles and aim of occupational health and safety (OHS) programmes
  • Occupational health scenario in India
  • Different types of occupational hazards

Science of ergonomics and its relevance to occupational health

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