IPCDA: Unit 06

Unit 06: Challenges and Strategies

The final unit of this course highlights the key challenges ahead for initiatives to improve the practice of citizenship. In particular, the problem of how to build an inclusive citizenship truly reflective of the interests, priorities and needs of marginalized, poor and excluded citizens. The systematic elevation of ‘expert’ knowledge above ‘experiential’ knowledge, and the challenges presented by globalization, are examined from a critical perspective. The course advocates for a new integrated strategy to foster inclusive citizenship, democracy and accountability.

Upon completion of Unit 6, you should be familiar with the following:

  • Building inclusive citizenship that reflects the interests, needs and potential of the poor and marginalised;
  • Counter attractions of identity politics;
  • Relating people with institutions viz. State, Market and Civil Society to deepen democratic practices; and
  • Strategies to guide future growth of participatory approaches to democracy and citizenship.
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