PR&UG (Unit 2)

Unit: Participatory Research Methods of Generating Knowledge

The fourth Unit aims to explain the participatory methods available in order to generate knowledge. A discussion of participatory methods to understand what they are will give a good introduction to the intricacies of participatory methods. How participatory methods involve the people as its primary participants illustrates how the process empowers. We will then learn about the diverse methods available in participatory research, from qualitative methods to more creative, popular methods and even visual and diagramming-based methods. We will end this unit by analysing the advantages presented by participatory methods of research, and examine what challenges could be faced in the process.

The objectives of the Unit are to familiarise oneself with the following issues:

  • Meaning of participatory methods
  • An overview of streams of participatory methods
  • Underlying principles
  • Diverse participatory methods
  • Advantages and challenges

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