IPPR Unit -3 (CR)

Unit 03 : Participatory Research: An Alternative System of Knowledge Production

Knowledge, in its true sense, is a source of power. But with the monopoly of elites, it has become accessible to only a few. Participatory research allows for this transfer of ownership of knowledge back into the hands of the people thus promoting local sources of knowledge.

One will understand why the claim for participatory research as the more useful tool is valid when one compares what traditional and participatory forms of research entail. Participatory research in the fields of occupational health and safety will illustrate why participatory research is the more democratic and people-friendly form of doing social research.

The objectives of the Unit are to:

  • Understand the trends that show the search for alternative systems of knowledge production;
  • Describe the political economy of knowledge society vis-à-vis issues in knowledge production and knowledge utilisation;
  • Identify characteristics, processes and outcomes of participatory research;
  •  Comprehend the differences between social science research and PR paradigms; and
  • Analyse the core concepts of participatory research in the context of a case study.
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