Unit 6 (CSB)

Unit 6: Civil Society in a Globalised World

This unit explains the origins and meanings of the term ‘globalisation’. Globalisation of the 21st century, coupled with its emphasis on free-market neoliberal economics, has drastically altered the functioning of civil society and CSOs. On the one hand, shrinking government action in service delivery (as a result of structural adjustment conditionalities) has been replaced by CSOs, thus giving them new spaces to function in. On the other hand, markets are also entering the CSO sector. This has altered the relationship between the market, state and civil society. Globalised civil society is seen as the platform for alternative narratives, questioning present models and programmes of development.
After completing this Unit, you will be familiar with:

  • The meaning and origins of globalisation
  • Its effects, both generally and in particular on civil society, at the global and local levels
  • The challenges facing civil society and CSOs in a globalised world
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