WPEL Module-1

Engendering Governance

 In many countries, the law stipulates that men and women have equal rights, and equality of opportunity. Despite this legal framework, women are systematically excluded from governance processes. Module 1 examines these exclusionary processes through a gender lens. The first section examines ‘governance’, before highlighting what ‘engendering governance’ entails. By discerning the structures which hinder women’s active participation in the political sphere, Module 1 highlights the complex socio-historical and economic dynamics at play in women’s exclusion. It concludes with an overview of strategies to enhance and strengthen women’s participation in governance.

Upon completion of Module 1, you will have:

  • Developed conceptual clarity on issues of governance
  • Developed an understanding of engendering governance
  • Become familiar with strategies for strengthening women’s active participation in political leadership roles
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