NGO Management : Unit - 5

Unit 5: Managing Resources & Proposal Writing

This Unit covers the aspects of resource mobilisation and utilisation, proposal writing and financial management. Human resource management, i.e, building capacities of the staff, volunteers, etc, is an important part of organisational management. There are different categories of resources available for NGOs and their effective mobilisation is necessary to implement the projects being undertaken by the NGO. The process of proposal writing feeds into effective raising and managing of resources. Finally, this Unit also covers the management of financial resources in an organisation, its basic principles and practices.

Learning Objectives

After completing this Unit you will be familiar with the following:

  • Aspects related to human resource management, capacity building of staff, volunteers, and local cadres in an organisation
  • The various categories of resources and their effective mobilisation
  • The rationale and the process of proposal writing
  • Effective financial management in an organisation, its basic principles and practices
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