NGOM Unit -1

Unit 1: A Introduction to NGO Management

This Unit introduces the concept of NGOs and discusses their various features, relevance and changing roles. It deals with the nuances of NGO formation, its rationale and the benefits that accrue out of it. The difference between NGOs and other collectives and organisations have also been spelt out in the Unit. Different development theories have come up with different approaches to understanding NGO formation and their evolving roles. One also needs to be familiar with the roles of NGOs in developing countries and chalk out the factors responsible for their underdevelopment in such countries.
After completing this Unit, you will be familiar with:

  • The relevance of an NGO and the rationale behind its formation;
  • Definitions, characteristics and classification of NGOs;
  • Evolution of NGOs along various development frameworks, and the different approaches towards it; and
  • The growing role of NGOs in developing countries
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