PTM - Unit -5

Unit 5: Monitoring and Evaluation of Training Programmes

Understanding the importance of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) involves reminding ourselves of the strategic importance of training with regards to its normative orientation. Participatory training is specifically directed towards encouraging people to undergo a process of self-development, and make them aware of their capacity to bring change. Our commitment to change asks us to consistently check and measure that our goals are being met. M&E is therefore an integral part of participatory training. Unit 5 introduces and clarifies the concepts of M&E. It outlines useful methods for this, and dedicates a section towards the importance and techniques of report writing.
Upon completion of this Unit, you will have:

  • Conceptual clarity regarding the concept of M&E
  • Understanding of common methods used to evaluate training programmes
  • Understanding of how to write a report of a training programme
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