UGS1 Unit-6

Unit 6: Gender Mainstreaming within Institutions

Organisations are essentially microcosms of society and therefore reflect the attitudes, value systems and thought processes present in society. The experience of mainstreaming gender within organisations; can only be enhanced when there is a recognition of the important role an organisation plays in bringing about this enabling environment that takes into consideration the needs of both women and men within it.
The opening years of this century have witnessed an increasing proportion of women in the workforce. But since in the past, women were absent from the larger public arena, their presence in the workplace was also largely negligible. Workplaces thus, catered largely to the needs of working men. With the changed scenario, workplaces now need to be geared towards the increased and continued participation of women. A conducive and enabling environment for both women and men, based on the principles of equity and equality, need to find resonance in the practices, culture and systems within an organisation – this is the crux of gender mainstreaming.
This unit will help the learner to:

    • Build an understanding on concept, rationale and strategy of gender mainstreaming in institutions;
    • Comprehend the significance, components and implementation process of the gender policy to promote gender mainstreaming; and
    • Become familiar with conducting a gender audit for your organisation.
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