UGS-1 Unit4

Unit 4: Gender at the Workplace

Since the workplace is populated with people from society itself, it is bound to reflect social biases. This further affects working conditions for women, where they have to face multiple levels of discrimination. Gender blind policies, which do not take into consideration the fact that workplace ethics assume male lifestyles and these have a negative impact on women’s productivity.

In today’s world, sexual harassment is rife in many workplaces and is one of the greatest barriers towards women achieving equality and dignity in their professional lives. To battle all these issues one needs legal provisions coupled with gender sensitisation in the workplace. The introduction of women into the workplace is necessary but not sufficient to ensure gender equality.

This unit will aid the learner to:

  • Become familiar with the definition of the workplace;
  • Analyse the role of gender at the workplace;
  • Recognize the challenges at the workplace from a gender perspective;
  • Learn about the different types and forms of sexual harassment; and
  • Understand the causes and impact of sexual harassment at the workplace.
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