UGS 1 Unit 2

Unit 2: Roots of Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination and stereotyping are a universal phenomenon that manifests differently in different societies. The primary root of this discrimination is the patriarchal system of power and control.

Concepts like gender stereotyping and gender labelling provide apt insights into the workings of the power matrices in patriarchy. Patriarchy’s control over all aspects related to women’s productivity, reproduction, as well as mobility is negotiated within the spaces provided by this system. Socialisation is the process that ensures gendered norms are reproduced in every generation and this is perpetuated through various institutions of patriarchy such as family, schooling, educational institutions, religion etc. Even in modern setups, with the emergence of modes of mass communication, we still see these notions being propagated, although their characteristics may change.
Upon completion of this unit, you should be able to:

  • Comprehend different aspects of gender stereotypes;
  • Unpack the socialisation process; and
  • Understand patriarchy.
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