UGS Unit -5

Unit 5: Gender Based Violence

Gender-based violence is an issue that is increasingly being discussed more openly and in different fora, both national and international. Traditionally treated as a private affair, and ignored by communities and government policies, gender-based violence recently gained greater public acknowledgement as a concern of economic development, as well a major public health and human rights concern.
The term gender-based violence refers to violence directed against a person because of his or her gender and expectations of his or her role in a society or culture. It is perpetuated through biases that are cultural, economic, legal and political. It affects victims and survivors mentally, physically and psychologically.
Patriarchy, being a system of power, uses gender based violence as a means of controlling a large part of the population.
Upon completion of this unit, the reader will be able to:

  • Understand gender-based violence in the context of gender dynamics;
  • Adopt a more holistic approach when addressing the issue of violence;
  • Learn about the different forms of gender-based violence; and

Comprehend workplace violence.

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