Topic two:Communication approaches and techniques

Generating Genuine Demand for Accountability

Communication approaches and techniques

How do we put concepts such as mobilizing public opinion and generating demand for accountability into concrete action plans that support our reform-minded goals? Here, we will answer these questions-walking you through the process of designing a communication strategy to support social accountability. A well-thought out communication strategy can help strengthen the link between government, citizens, civil society, and the media system. Using the specific communication techniques and approaches that we’ll discuss here in a strategic manner can greatly strengthen the impact and sustainability of social accountability initiatives.

We’ll also look at five case studies that illustrate how, when used effectively; communication can be a powerful force in achieving governance reform. We’ll look at cases from South Africa, the Philippines, Kenya, Colombia, and India. We’ll see that despite their differences, these cases are all linked by their effective use of communication processes and mechanisms to inform and engage citizens and achieve results.

Learning objectives By the end of this module you will:

Understand the twelve overarching steps involved in planning a communication strategy
Apply concepts, techniques, and approaches to your particular context and design a communication strategy action plan
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