Module: 3 Generating Genuine Demand for Accountability

Generating Genuine Demand for Accountability


Experience shows that the usual technocratic tools are often not enough to secure accountability. Citizen voice needs to be amplified and public opinion needs to be mobilized. Public opinion is a critical force in holding public officials to account and in getting the state to listen and respond to citizen demands.

This module focuses on generating genuine demand for accountability, underscoring the central role of communication processes in informing and mobilizing public opinion for social accountability initiatives. We begin with a brief presentation of two key concepts: Public opinion and the public sphere. These concepts are critical elements in securing accountability.

After having covered key theoretical concepts, we’ll move quickly on to the practical application of these concepts in mobilizing public opinion and generating genuine demand for accountability. We’ll walk through how to plan a communication strategy and discuss specific approaches and techniques. Lastly, we’ll go through some real-world examples: Five case studies across different regions and within different social and political environments. Through approaches as diverse as the country contexts and implementation levels they represent, we’ll see how ordinary people used effective communication strategies to mobilize public opinion and achieve change.

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