Where does social accountability fit in?

The Governance Framework

Where does social accountability fit in?

Now that we understand more about the governance system and the good governance equation, we’ll hone in more specifically on how social accountability fits into this equation.

We’ll look at the concept of political economy, and how you can use this concept to better analyze, understand, and design reforms that are specifically suited for your country or region’s particular circumstances. We’ll then take a brief look at some traditional “supply-side” and “pro-accountability” institutions such as the judiciary, parliament, and other oversight bodies that work in a governance system to demand and strengthen accountability. Lastly, we’ll look at how social accountability fits into governance reform – as a stand-alone intervention, as an entry point, and in the ideal situation as a complement to “supply-side” interventions through constructive engagement with government in the most effective way of bringing about change.

Learning objectives By the end of this module you will:

Define and apply the concept of political economy analysis to your local context
Identify and explain the role of supply-side institutions in achieving and securing good governance
Explain how social accountability can strengthen accountability relationships in the governance system and improve overall governance
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