Topic one: The governance framework and governance reform

The Governance Framework

The governance framework and governance reform

Before advancing into the realm of technical social accountability tools and their implementation, it is important to take a step backward and look at the “big picture” of governance reform. This module will explore the concept of governance, governance systems, and the contextually- dependent definitions of these concepts.

We’ll learn about the multifaceted reasons for which good governance is important - moral arguments, arguments grounded in economic growth objects, and in reducing poverty, inequality, and fostering private sector development. We’ll also cover the “how-to” of governance reform, looking at the many ways in which countries can pursue improved governance. Finally, we’ll look at some of the many ways in which practitioners measure and evaluate their success toward this end.

Learning objectives By the end of this module you will:

Explain what we mean by the term "governance" and identify some of the typical actors in governance systems
Argue for the importance of good governance using a variety of different reasons
Describe some of the challenges involved in sequencing and implementing governance reform, as well as identify some of the most commonly-used governance indicators


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