Module 2: The Governance Framework

The Governance Framework


What is governance, and why is good governance important? Who can play a role in bringing about governance reform, and how do such actors do so? And do different countries around the world mean the same thing when talking about governance reform?

By introducing and explaining the broader governance framework, this module will help you to understand the ways in which this course’s varied components are ultimately linked. In module 1 of this course, you were introduced to the concept of social accountability. In this module, we will place social accountability squarely within the broader good governance framework, highlighting the linkages and synergy between some of the social accountability approaches covered in module 1 and more traditional “supply-side” approaches that focus on public sector institutions.

We’ll discuss the multifaceted and varied elements of a governance system, the importance of good governance, and the “how-to” of governance reform. Later in the module, we’ll discuss the concept of political economy, or the “no-one-size-fits-all” approach to governance reform. Lastly, we’ll discuss the need to link social accountability initiatives and strategies with systemic and productive government engagement.

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