IPPR unit 02

Unit 02 : Development of Participatory Research

The Second Unit of this course will concern itself with the history and the evolution of Participatory research. This mainly involves the rise of participatory research as a response to the impasse arrived at in traditional social research. The unit will look at the North and South traditions within participatory research and the emergence of the Participatory Research Network in the 1970s. The Unit will also look at how various adult education movements around the world have contributed to the practice of participatory research. Looking at how the move towards participatory research, pushed forth by feminist and anti-racist movements shall form the conclusion of the Unit.

The objectives of the Unit are to:

  • Understand the influence of action research on PR;
  • explain the trends in Southern Tradition viz., international adult education movements, participatory research network, and participatory action research;
  •  Comprehend the debates around participation in international development programmes; and
  • Analyse the worldview of feminist movements and anti-racist movements.

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