Unit 06 (IPPME)

Unit 06

Unit 6 will show you the practical application of participatory evaluation, by illustrating a series of case studies. There will be an analysis of various case studiesthat examine

  • role of an external facilitator
  • self-evaluation of a support organisation in India
  • evaluation of awomen’s development project
  • evaluation of  an NGO.

The last case study from Mexico City, Mexico, showcases the various mistakes that can be made in the process of Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation and gives clear directions as to what should be avoided while going about a participatory monitoring and evaluation process.

After completing this Unit, you will be familiar with:

•   Practical approaches to participatory evaluation, through case studies (from Asia, Central America and the Caribbean)

•   The various purposes and scopes that can be involved in participatory evaluation

•   The process involved in participatory evaluation

•   The centrality of learning to participatory evaluation

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