Unit 06 (IDAELL)


The final Unit of the course looks at certain movements that have benefitted through adult education.

One of the most famous movements that has been able to reproduce its ideal through the medium of adult education has been the feminist movement. Differentials in the literacy rates, on the basis of gender, have been challenged through the dissemination of knowledge outside of insitutionalised pedagogy.

In India, the Woman's Empowerment through Literacy and Livelihood Development (WELLD) programme is a case in point.

Another movement that has been discussed in the Unit is that of the movement for aboriginal rights. As has been discussed before, adult education questioned the monopoly of knowledge by the elites. Thus it acts as a strong medium in the mainstreaming of the poor and the marginalised and minorities that have not been given their due representation.

After reading this module, you should be familiar with:

  • the link between adult education and social movements
  • how adult education fosters international solidarity
  • the complex nature of movements of adult education and their intrinsic links with lifelong learning

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