Unit 04 (IDAELL)

UNIT 04 : Adult Education Policies in International Contexts

The notion of Education for All and the Millennium Development Goals, have shaped Adult Education in contemporary times. The fourth unit of the course looks at these aspects of Adult Education.  In its true international spirit, adult education conferences are now being held at international scales. One of the most important conferences is the series of CONFINTEA (International Conference on Adult Education)

Adult education policies today, look at bridging the divide between the formal and the non-formal modes of education, thus making knowledge more accessible to all people.

There has been witnessed a trend where the various styles of Adult Education, including lifelong learning, learning of active citizenship, vocational education etc. have come together to develop international solidarity on the matters of adult education.

There has also been observed a metamorphosis in the role that the state plays in the matters of adult education. Although the state is largely supportive of the cause, one sees private sector organisations and civil society playing more active roles in the implementation of adult education.

After reading this module, you should be familiar with:

  • contemporary trends in the development of adult education and lifelong learning policies
  • global aims of adult education and lifelong learning policies 
  • international programmatic documents that guide the field
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