Additional performance monitoring tools

Additional performance monitoring tools

In this final topic in the Performance Monitoring module, we won’t be focusing on a particular social accountability tool.

Rather, we will take a brief look at many additional performance monitoring tools that illustrate an increasingly-evident trend in the global application of social accountability tools: A trend of an ever-expanding set of mechanisms that creatively respond to local context, resource availability, and constraints.

While these additional tools are varied in their methodologies, they are linked by their common goal of engaging local citizens, as beneficiaries of public services, in the monitoring and evaluation of such services and in creating channels for constructive feedback.

These tools are simple, small-scale, and require less time and resources than some of the other performance monitoring tools we’ve introduced throughout this module. They can act as stand-alone interventions or also as useful complements to other social accountability tools.

Learning objectives By the end of this module you will:

Identify and explain the basic premises of seven additional citizen feedback mechanisms that citizens use to monitor and oversee public service delivery and programs

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