AESC Module -4

Adult Education in the 21 Century for Social Change

This Module builds on the concept of exploring the use of adult education as a powerful tool, to transform societies and communities.  The Module will aid the learner in developing an understanding of:

  • Adult education and lifelong learning programmes, with special reference to building a ‘culture of collaboration’.
  • Individual learning and transformation as contributing to the development of the community.
  • Policy environments in adult education and an appreciation of the challenges that is faced by the discipline of adult education
  • Ways in which development practitioners can harness and utilize the transformative potential of adult education processes, beyond empowering individuals to the levels of community and society.  

The learner will familiarize herself with the modes through which adult education interventions can be strengthened.  Jack Mezirow’s transformative learning theory has been central to defining contemporary approaches to adult education.  Successful implementation of an adult education program is only possible with a thorough understanding of the problems that are being faced by adult educators, which will be dealt with in the module

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