MAEP Module-4

Emerging Challenges in Monitoring and Evaluation of Adult Education Programmes

This final Module will enable the learner to critically look at the present day approaches of monitoring and evaluation. It will create a deeper understanding regarding some of its key challenges, especially in the context of adult education programmes. This Module will contribute in understanding:

  • The intricacies of evaluating the long term impact of a project
  • How to best utilise monitoring and evaluation for different stakeholders, such as the project managers, top management professionals, donors, policy makers, field workers and beneficiaries
  • The importance of monitoring and evaluation in enabling ownership and participation
  • Empowering learners and valuing differences in experiences and analysis while remaining open to changes and improvements.

Thus, even though the conceptualisation and implementation of a programme breathes life into a successful project, it is important to note the role of monitoring and evaluation in sustaining such roles of a project. A good monitoring and evaluation plan is a live document that should remain open to changes with the twin aim of ensuring the complete efficiency and commitment to the delivery of the programme.

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