Unit 04

Unit 04 : Basics of Preventive Techniques

The greatest threat that an employee has to face at the work place is that of an accident. However, it is possible that with maximum precaution taken,accidents can be prevented Risk analysis and methods of risk prevention, help in keeping accidents at bay. Scientific methods of countering accidents, through utilization of better technologies, go a long way in creating a safe environment for the worker.

Immediate reporting and timely dispensation of medical help, is another major aspect of health and safety that are discussed in the Unit. All these aspects of prevention of accidents would go a long way in ensuring safety and consequential improvement in the output of the workers and a corresponding increase in production.

After completing this Unit, you should be familiar with the following concepts and issues.

  • Accident analysis
  • Monitoring of accidents
  • Reporting and investigation of accidents
  • Prevention of accidents

The role of safety audits and safety committees

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