AESC Module-3

Contemporary Trends in Adult Education

In this Module we will discuss some ‘Contemporary Trends in Adult Education’ which includes

  • the role of adult education as a promoter of social inclusion;
  • how adult education has been viewed in the context of environmental conversation education and in war contexts and
  • how adult education can become a key in bringing about social change in the 21st century.
  • The objectives of the module are to develop an understanding of :
  • The critical issues surrounding adult populations, especially those related to social exclusion and marginalisation .
  • Contemporary socio-cultural issues in society from local to global levels.
  • Application of adult education to specific thematic areas in contemporary development discourse.
  • The role of adult education as a catalyst for social change

You will realize that education is of paramount importance, in order to increase social inclusion of adults, especially in marginalised communities. Going forward into the 21st century, digital literacy is going to become of prime importance, as are social innovations with regard to inclusion of marginalised and excluded adult populations from processes of social development.

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