AESC Module-2

Global Progress in Adult Education

It is evident that adult education has grown to become central in development and access-related discourse. The objectives of the module ‘Global Progress in Adult Education’ is to develop an understanding of:

  • Adult education coalitions and their work specifically in national and international fora such as Education for All (EFA) and CONFINTEA V and VI.
  • Progress in adult education since the sixth international conference (UNESCO) on adult education especially on how discussions post CONFINTEA VI on adult education are increasingly becoming the key to progressive education in the 21st century.
  • Role of public, private and civil society actors in adult education efforts and examples of collaboration between these different institutions.

 This Module will help you learn about major international organizations, conferences and reports that have led to the formation and pursuit of adult education as a tool for social change globally. You will also learn about the evolution of ‘lifelong education’ to ‘lifelong learning’ and discuss some key issues in adult education in the 21st century including multi-sectoral partnerships.

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