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Topic 5: Procurement Monitoring - Additional Resources

The additional resources here provide a wide range of supplementary information on civil society's role in monitoring the procurement process at each of the various stages of the public procurement cycle.

Some readings focus on particular tools, such as Integrity Pacts, drawing heavily upon the experience of Transparency International (TI), a leading organization in this field.

Others review the involvement of citizens in improving the governance of the procurement sector in Latin America, South Asia, East Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Samples of the actual documents used by Procurement Watch Inc., a leading procurement monitoring organization in the Philippines, are also provided below.

  ANSA EAP citizen monitoring of procurement training
  ANSA EAP proc and fund tracking training
  ANSA EAP reading list on social accountability and   procurement
  Argentina - vulnerabilities in procurement
  Curriculum development program South Asia
  Governance of public procurement in South Asia
  Oversight manual for vigilance monitoring committees in India
  Pakistan - study of procurement process in water and sanitation sector
  Procurement systems in Sub-Saharan Africa
  Procurement under RTI act in India - manual
  Red flags of corruption in WB projects
  Resource list
  TI handbook for curbing corruption public procurement
  TI improving procurement in Latin America
  TI integrity pacts presentation
  TI integrity pacts update
  TI integrity pact statue
  Value for money analysis

Documents Used by Procurement Watch Inc (Philippines)

  Beginning inventory and actual count forms
  Letter of introduction
  Memorandum of agreement
  Observer and monitor code of conduct
  Operational guidelines for procurement watch
  Volunteer information
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