Case studies WB4

Topic 5: Procurement Monitoring - Case Studies

This section will provide you with various case studies and case stories on procurement process.
These documents will help you better understand three main tools - integrity pacts, social audits, and e-procurement – and how these tools can be used as means to establish stronger accountability frameworks between service providers, bidders, and citizens. Rich set of case studies will illustrate some of the common success factors, outcomes, and benefits of this type of approach.

  Eight international case studies
  Andhra Pradesh case
  Argentina case
  Cambodia case story
  Cambodia case story 2
  CIPE Colombia case
  Indonesia case story
  Indonesia case story 2
  Japan case story
  Journalist training in Bangladesh
  Korea case story
  Korea case, pp. 71-76
  Mongolia case story
  Procurement - Brazilian case studies
  Procurement reform in Bangladesh, from the financial express
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