Participatory Urban Planning (Module 4)

Challenges and Issues

The geographical proximity of different cultures and economic statuses makes the issue of participatory Urban Planning complex. Understanding these complications shapes the trajectory that participation in Urban Planning should move on. For the final Module of the course, the learning objectives are to:

  • Understand various types of challenges faced by the planners in making and implementing development plans for the urban areas.
  • Have an insight of the challenges and issues related to Participatory Urban Planning.
  • Gain some tips on how to handle various stakeholders and address their needs in participatory Urban Planning.

Despite these complications, participation in Urban Planning is a potent tool that enables the active involvement of local civil society, associations of urban poor and the empowerment of the people. It can make incumbent leadership of municipal governance become more transparent and efficient as it can make municipalities and other urban authorities answerable to the people. If participatory processes are mainstreamed in Urban Planning, the methodology of Urban Planning and governance can become more participatory and inclusive for all urban citizens.

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