Additional training resources and curriculum

This section will provide you with additional training materials on Budget Analysis, toolkits on monitoring budgets in different fields, as well as finance glossaries, guides and examples of budget reports

  Budget Analysis for Extractive Industries
  Budget and Finance Glossary
  CIDE Training Course
  Guide to Producing Independent Budget Analysis
  How to do a gender-sensitive budget analysis

  IBP Training Workshops & Courses

  Lebanese Alternative Budget Final Report

Budget analysis training for Parliaments

A basic budget analysis toolkit introduce four basic budget analysis techniques that are frequently used by analysts and presented in budget and policy documents. 3 additional Units will give you more information on the components of the budget, budget processing for Parliamentarians, and also on how public meetings influence the budget process.

  Budget analysis for Parliaments
  Unit 2: Introducing the budget
  Unit 3: The budget process
  Unit-6: Opening up the parliamentary process
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