PEM (Module 3)

Household Surveys

Detailed and precise data collection, not only validates the very existence of the urban poor in the city but also articulates the problems and needs of the urban poor to government officials. The objectives of the third Module are to understand household surveys as tools to

    1. Facilitate participation of communities to undertake their own data collection
    2. Analysis and reflection on the data to articulate their needs
    3. Empowering communities to build internal consensus and promote external advocacy

Participation of the community at every level is critical, especially during stages such as questionnaire preparation, procurement of data and tabulation of the same. The community learns to recognize that they are not only the primary participants but the key stakeholders of all such processes. This process ensures the articulation and evidence of the challenges faced by urban poor, previously ignored or discarded by government officials, illustrated by the case study of SPARC and Mahila Milan. .

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