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New units of study
by PIA Admin - Thursday, 3 December 2015, 11:16 AM

Dear friends

We hope that face to face training session in Delhi gave you a lot of insights into understanding the difference between conventional research and participatory research.

Various methods discussed may also be helpful in undertaking research in your own respective fields.

As we begin units 3 & 4, many of the issues raised in the previous 1 &2 units can now be looked at both from conceptual and methodological standpoints.

The readings attached to these two units will reinforce your understanding, built during classroom learning, the underlying principles and process of participatory research and participatory methods.

It is a good opportunity to take advantage, of class room learning and theoretical inputs explained in these units, to examine various participatory methods and their advantages and challenges and how you would apply the same in your respective fields.

We hope the units would help you decide how the context help in deciding which methods to use and also what factors you should consider when deciding on which method to use.

All the very best!