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Re: Repeating question posed for unit 6
by Khaleda Akhter - Sunday, 23 November 2014, 5:21 PM

Why are participatory research tools critical in development practices?


As we know that


  1. PR is the action for local people and local people knowledge and expertise are consider while doing the PR. The basis of PR depends on local priorities and PR methodologies always depends on empowerment of local people. Mutual learning is one of the main approach for doing PR.


  1. Local people takes part on problem identification, data collection, interpretation, analysis presentation on finding, action with or without external people.


  1. In PR local people own the result and the focus always give on the process.


But sometimes PR tools are critical in applying in the development practices because

  • If the community people do not sanitize about the issues or tools then it may create difficulties to use PR tools and involve and manage local people.
  • Local people must be aware or informed, otherwise people may not support to participate in the research.      
  • Sometime local people do not want to participate and can create obstacle to apply PR tools in the community.
  • After Appling the PR tools if researcher findings any authentic data which is not in favor of donor and government people’s priority then it create a trouble for taking action.
  • Sometime it’s very difficult to manage different PR tools and involve local people in the process. More time is needed for making a trust worthy relation with local people. If the researcher do not comply with local people views and don’t want to give space for sharing their views then it is critical to apply.
  • After collecting the data, if the researcher do not give the chance to local people to analysis and present the findings properly then, they never own the research findings and never involve into the intervention/action.