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Points to be remembered from Guest faculty - II interaction!
by Purvi Dass - Friday, 31 October 2014, 10:28 AM

Dear friends,

Based on the interaction of four students with Guest Faculty – II, following key points emerged for us to remember/refer.

1a. “If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family (nation)”.

1b. ``Education is used here to mean knowing, through formal or informal means, what is right for the spirit, mind and body and acting upon this knowledge."

2. To know attitudes towards home based workers, questionnaires and  random sampling methodology may be chosen to  get information. Sample size must have both male and female respondents for comparison.

3. Sensitisation of the school staff is critical to change their attitude and increase their information on the third gender using a rights based approach.

4. Children may not give a clear response in terms of the gender divide but may give non-politically correct response and lead you in the right direction of how to bring about change in the attitudes and thinking of the   parents and their children.

5. The process of collecting data is a good opportunity to initiate a discussion on gender amongst the children and to understand how it impacts on their lives.

6. To collect authentic data from rural women knowing level of literacy and comfort with the method is essential.

7. FGDs and small group discussion are goods of understanding the causes of low participation of women in village level politics.

8. Identify any anticipated negative impacts of the project on women and men and any constraints to women’s participation and make concrete recommendations for increasing women’s involvement in Project formulation and design.

9. Remember fourteen aspects of project implementation and monitoring Gender responsiveness ( for details of these aspects refer original response).

10. While Project Review and Evaluation remember to review carefully to ensure that gender related omissions and successes are reflected.

11. A Gender analysis checklist for Projects may be referred while finalizing research report. Similarly checklists and information on baseline/mid-term reports are also attached.

Hope this helps while finalizing research report you are planning to submit as part of assignment 6. These will also in a long way to propose any projects for benefits of marginalized in our society.

Looking forward to your active participation in Unit 6 forum,

All the best,