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Thank you Dr. Martha Farrell
by Purvi Dass - Saturday, 25 October 2014, 7:21 PM

Dear Friends,

On behalf of all of us, I thank Dr. Martha Farrell for  practical and holistic responses to two queries on Participatory Research with gender in the centre. Only four students Taniya, Rahul, Gaffer and Masud could avail the opportunity.

Gaffer and Masud, you will also hear from Martha soon. As you may be knowing from 21st October 2014 in  India ( especially in northern part), we celebrate five days festivity of Deepawali ( Deep means light and awali means rows) and Bhaiya duj ( similar to Bhai fota of Eastern India). It is magnanimity of  Dr. Martha Farrell who agreed to be Guest faculty during this phase. She will respond to your queries soon.

This forum started on 20th October is closed now.

Thanks again Martha, for being with us in this journey of our collective learning!

All the best,