Taniya Laizu Sumy, Manager- Curriculum and Material Development, SHIKHON Program, Save the Children
Re: Some queries to Martha Mam.
by Taniya Laizu Sumy - Tuesday, 21 October 2014, 10:21 AM

Dear Martha Mam,

Thank you very much for your nice and clear response. The African proverb recited by Dr. Kwegyir-Aggrey is now the universal proverb specially significant for third world countries. Now in Bangladesh parents mainly mothers are getting educated through parenting education program for ensuring child rights. ``Education is used here to mean knowing, through formal or informal means, what is right for the spirit, mind and body and acting upon this knowledge." I believe in it and this statement is really food for my thought.

Using ICT materials in parenting sessions is now in practice as piloting in Save the Children. It could be planned well. For preventing child marriage, the child protection sector is running their program. We need to integrate our education and health program as per your suggestion.

For third gender, I agree with your perception. Whatever the law is, the implementation is so weak. The law is also new in our country. Till now, we do not have any option of third gender in official form, no school level diversity policy exists. Bangladesh Government is now going to develop Inclusive Education framework but as of my knowledge this issue is not addressed there. No third gender staff is encouraged in schools and no affirmative action for the children who are third gender. We have still enough space to work on it..

I would like to thank you for the direction. I can search more by linking your information. Could you please suggest for some research reports or journals or books on education where gender issue is focused well? It will be my pleasure if you send any link of your writing on women political empowerment. Can I get the status of this sub-continent? This will help me to enrich my knowledge.

With sincere Regards,