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Welcome to Unit 6
by Purvi Dass - Monday, 13 October 2014, 6:39 PM

Dear Friends

The last unit of this course focuses on popular participatory tools used in development practice.  Four  different  case examples viz., Participatory Enumeration, Participatory Town Planning,  Popular Theatre, and Participatory Video,  illustrate  the  variety of  contexts,  subject  matter,  techniques,  research  and   organizing methods in participatory research.  These tools offer novel ways of generating data and constructing and contrasting alternative perspectives through self-aware reflection and promote action for change. The unit is also important to understand the processes in participatory research. This will help us in doing our last assignment i.e. assignment 6 on designing PR project in a community.

 Read, reflect and share your views on the case studies and also on the following question:

Why are participatory research tools critical in development practices?

 When you ponder on this question, do reflect back contents of unit 1 to 5, you may find the answer practical and can be replicated. This will also help you to recapitulate what we have done so far through these examples.

As you have quiz -2 that is assignment 5 to attempt and second guest faculty to interact, I shall keep this forum open for reflection till 15th Nov 2014.

Just a little nudge..... two more days to submit assignment 4!!!!!

All the best,