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Re: Reflection question for Unit 5! (answering with the believe of late better than never))
by Masudur Rahman - Tuesday, 14 October 2014, 11:49 PM

What were/ are the major characteristics of that approaches?

Actually I don’t have prior direct experience on PR earlier, I learned mostly from the hands on experience at New Delhi. The major characteristics of that approaches to me are given below:

 Interest comes from the community people, Community people identify their problem and diagnosis for solutions

 Participation is the heart of the approaches

 Community people control the knowledge, not the researcher

 In this process the researcher need not worry about the sustainability of the study, as the problem as well as solution comes from the community so automatically the study findings sustaining in the community

 Interaction, trust building and facilitation skill is very important to community people otherwise the authentic information collection (which is the heart of the approach) could not be possible, different methods used for triangulation of research

 Social mapping (with active participation from community) and Observation are the key method to understand peoples interest

 Action (automatically changing/questioned about the human behavior) is inbuilt of the PR approach

 Knowledge generate through PR is flexible, not rigid, changeable depends on the homogeneity of community

Why are participatory approaches to analysis, dissemination and utilization to research so critical to your work in the community?

 Analysis should be collective and participatory process following the determination of purpose and the collection of information.

 Analysis must-who is doing/funding the study and why? The time is also very critical point of analysis

 Need to analysis the political economy of the study issue as well as the historical dimension/trend of the issue

 Properly triangulation is important to analysis of the information by PR

 Dissemination (findings, lesson learnt, recommendations) should following a way that useful for all types of people of a society and the findings must finalized with the direct involvement of peoples as well as validate by the people. Its better have a way of dissemination for illiterate people. Better also have a stakeholder table who will be benefited with which dissemination process

 Utilizing the research result is most important things in PR. A specific action plan formulate to engage the people in every stage of research to utilize the research benefit from the beginning, not only from the end of the research. The most critical part of PR to me is – proactive participation by people, as most of our people always demanding for livelihood support whatever issue I am going to work with them. Another important issue is – people’s preset mind that the so called NGO people come for new issues as for their job not for the interest of their community. Data validation is also critical.