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Welcome to Unit 5 !!!!
by Purvi Dass - Sunday, 28 September 2014, 11:06 AM

Dear friends,

It is a great feeling to know that all of you have reached back home safe. Since you had a grilling sessions here in PRIA supported  by many analysis, write ups and  presentations from your side, I thought, would begin the Unit 5 from today. This unit along with unit 6 are open for a while now and many of you might have a chance to glance through the contents. But those who haven’t, Unit 5 is about participatory methods of analyzing, disseminating and utilizing knowledge.

The PR approach recognizes the knowledge of people. When people actively engage in the reflective processes and engage in knowledge generation, they are able to analyse their situations and take actions accordingly; and also disseminate the findings useful to the community in myriad ways.

Friends, read the unit once again carefully. Reflect on the significance of participatory approaches to analysis, dissemination and utilization of research in the context of your work.

I look forward to your contributions in reflection question of Unit 5. This would be uploaded by 28th Sept 2014.

Have a happy reading!!!!!

All the best,