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gender based violence
by Mandakini Pant - Tuesday, 9 September 2014, 12:59 PM

 Dear Friends

 Let us specifically focus our discussions on issues, and debates related to Unit 5: Gender based Violence.

 The issue of gender based violence, hitherto considered as a private affair and deemed unfit for public (social and political) discussions is, of late, increasingly being discussed more openly and in different fora, both national and international. It is now publicly acknowledged that the issue of gender based violence has economic as well as a major public health and human rights concerns.

 This unit, as you will  read, addresses the concept of violence in the context of gender dynamics, explains different forms of violence within the private and public domains, including work space, and its roots and causes.

 In addition, I would like to draw your attention to ICT related gender based violence, which is spreading in endemic proportions. I enclose here some forms of ICT related violence for your perusal. I have extracted this part of information from a report entitled Gender Violence in India: A Prajnya Report. www.prajnya.in/gvr10.pdf. You can click the site to read complete report.

 Friends,  I look forward to understanding your reflections on different forms of gender based violence in unit 5, work related violence in unit 4 and including the attachment on ICT related violence.

  • Do you see any link between gender-based violence and patriarchy?
  • What, according to you, are the most significant costs of violence against women?
  • Are policy level initiatives sufficient to address the issue of gender based violence?
  • What other measures are required in addition to policies on gender based violence?
  • Do you it is necessary to work with men to end violence against women? If so, why?

 In case you are aware of other serious forms of gender based violence, do share your reflection on it in this forum.