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Re: Reflection question of Unit 3!!!!!
by Masudur Rahman - Thursday, 11 September 2014, 12:03 AM


If we assume the Research Question as “the causes behind the Unsafe Child Migration from Rural to Urban” the below method will may follow from the perspective of Participatory Action Research and Classical Social Science Research –



Participatory Research

Classical Social Research

Problem Identification


The community people, problem facing people will select either this is the main problem or not, in this case the community will form a small group to discuss what will be their main problem is, and how they want to address it. That’s how the problem will be finalized.

The researcher will come with the research problem to community and s/he may discuss it with society (after finalization of the problem by him) or directly comes to the community for conducting HIS research. The researcher will follow mainly the existing knowledge which he gathered from secondary sources.

Reviewing the literature/Existing knowledge

The researcher and the community people jointly search the knowledge from their nearer community or same category community that how they solve this kind of problem. They gather the knowledge that practiced in another community.

Will analyze the internet source or for other expert’s opinion, different article etc.

Research design/method


By following the previous 2 steps, community people will select how they want to conduct this research, this may include the PRA.

Mostly follow both the quantitative and qualitative methods with a pre-set questionnaire or random sampling.

Data collection


It will follow mixed process, informal way – case history, analysis by community, courtyard gathering etc.

In a more structured way, with some questionnaire, FGD and interview.

Data Compilation and result generalize


Data compilation with the active participation of community, the way that community people can participate (not always following ICT tools or structured way like  SPSS etc.). And also conduct data validation meeting with community people.

Data analysis will be done using various up to dated software (MS Excel, SPSS etc). Data validation will be follow the original research question and hypothesis.  



Regarding the differ of OUTCOMES of Participatory and Classical Social Research, we may say that the classical research will use the research knowledge in different publications and presentation in seminar or submit it to donors as well as use for other academic purpose. On the other hand as PAR have followed the participatory way, community people engaged actively with the research from initial stage; step by step the community people gathered new knowledge and their behavior change automatically and they will also take actions during the research period to address the problem they found in their community as well as action to implement the research findings. The community people also feel the ownership of the whole research steps and finally the will proactively fight to reaching the research findings in their practical life.