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by Purvi Dass - Monday, 1 September 2014, 6:11 AM

Dear friends,

On behalf of all of us, let me take this opportunity to thank Rajesh bhai for his simple, practical and candid responses to our queries.

As we all got response to our individual concerns regarding PR, let me share with you …my learning from this discussion as points to remember:

1. Dealing perennial dilemmas - acknowledge the legitimate concerns;  be creative and combine the interests of various stake-holders including beneficiaries.

2. Defining project outcomes with beneficiaries

3. Nature of data doesn't make it PR; who uses it, with what purpose, does the community participate in it?? Those are key questions.

4. Engage beneficiaries with methods that they use in everyday life to generate research questions, data and analysis.

5. Building and sustaining relationships with certain communities and organizations

6. Methods which use action and emotion, not just cognition, are appropriate with children

Now the task given by Rajesh bhai till we meet on 15th Sept 2014 at PRIA

 Think about the research that you want to undertake from now on…….

Thanks again Rajesh bhai and my dear friends, your active participation has made it!!!!!!

This Forum is closed for participation.

All the best,