Picture of Purvi Dass
by Purvi Dass - Monday, 21 July 2014, 4:26 PM

Dear Friends,

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to PRIA International Academy for its specialized distance education course, Certificate in International Perspectives in Participatory Research. The Course has formally begun today 21st July, 2014 and is expected to conclude by November 2014.

Before I tell you more details about the course and how to use Moodle for effective learning, let me introduce myself. I am Purvi Dass, the online facilitator for this course and one of the resource persons for face to face interaction that will take place in September.

Getting to know each other by talking about ourselves and sharing our expectations from this course is a step towards following the course in participatory spirit. 

About me, I began my professional career in pure science but moved on to social sciences and since been encouraging social entrepreneurship. My initiation in development sector began from National Institute of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development. Working with PRIA provided me with wider perspective on various issues like Development Planning, Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation, Participatory Capacity Building, Participatory Research, Organizational Development and Partnership and Local Self Governance.

This course offers me a unique pedagogical style. On the one hand, as a facilitator, I shall smoothly coordinate your interactions, sending reminders, making announcements, assessing your participation in Moodle (the virtual learning environment or classroom) discussions and assignments. On the other hand, as a learner, I will also get an opportunity to understand the perspectives of fellow learners. Sharing the ideas and experiences as well as learning along with others, are all-worthwhile.

Now, I invite you to post a brief introduction about yourself. You may include any information you feel is relevant and important for your peers/learners to know. This may include, but is not limited to: 

1. Reasons for taking up this course

2. Your expectations from this course

3. Your learning objectives

4. Your current or recent work

5. Anything else like where you are currently living, languages you speak, your hobbies and interests!!! 

Success of this course depends to a great extent on exchange of clear and prompt communications. I expect you to participate in on-line discussions. You’ll find issues emerging out of the discussions and reflections very stimulating.

You can post questions, comments, concerns you have, about the course, under Discussion Forum. Your questions as well as the responses to them will be public, that is, all the other learners will be able to see this information. In case you have questions related to administrative issues, which are not for public circulation, then please email them to purvi.das@pria.org with a copy to  piall@pria.org .

Please go through instructional guidelines and Moodle help on the home page of your course to understand how to navigate through the course units.

Together, we shall reflect, analyse and internalize different perspectives of participatory research in varied context and make use of this great opportunity provided by PRIA International Academy to the fullest extent.

 With great pleasure let me welcome you once again and wish you success in the course.

With best wishes, 

 Purvi Dass

Taniya Laizu Sumy, Manager- Curriculum and Material Development, SHIKHON Program, Save the Children
Re: Welcome!
by Taniya Laizu Sumy - Tuesday, 22 July 2014, 11:57 AM

I am working as a manger of curriculum and materials development of an education program in Save the Children International. Save the Children is one of the lead international Non-Government organizations in the world. Bangladesh is one of the implementation chapters of the program. Among all thematic areas Education performs as one the main. We work to educate the most marginalized children who never enrolled into the schools or dropped out from the primary level education. As a part of my job responsibilities I have to get involved in research activities to run my program successfully. We often hire external expertise to conduct a research for which I as well as my organization feel to upgrade my knowledge and skills to be an independent researcher to contribute more. And it would be more effective if get from any renowned institution or academy where course design is competitive and related to my job. PRIA can accomplish the expectations considering the perspectives. That is why I am taking up this course.  

My expectation from this course is to upgrade my knowledge and skills about participatory research to perform as an independent researcher in future.

My learning objectives are to be able to design and develop a research, to be able to conduct research independently, to be able to apply research findings to the program. 

Currently I am working as manger of curriculum and materials development of SHIKHON program (one of the lead education programs of Save the Children International). It works for the hardest to reach children as Non-Formal approach to provide them education as a second chance. Research is one of my major responsibilities besides other activities. Recently I worked for a study on children's competency achievement. I have more plans to conduct action research as well as program research for successful continuation of the program.

I am currently living in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Bangla is our native language but officially we have to use English along with Bangla.

My hobby is to travel. I like to pass my time with my babies. My area of interest is to know about the current trend of development. My passion is to dedicate my life for children as well as human right.

SSM Hejbullah
Re: Welcome!
by Sheikh Sultan Muhammad Hejbullah - Tuesday, 22 July 2014, 1:26 PM

I’m currently working as Manager-QA/QI at HIV/AIDS sector of  Save the Children in Bangladesh for last 1.7 yrs; the title of the program is ‘Expanding HIV Prevention in Bangladesh’ which in funded by the Global Fund. Through the program, we are providing essential services to 14000 injecting drug users and 28,600 female sex workers around the country by operating 169 DICs.  As I’m of medical background, my role is to support to assess & strengthen services, especially medical services provided under the program. For the purpose, I have to manage/organize different type of assessment/study to assess the current situation of the providing services and/or identify the options to improve them; so, the course found very much interesting and in line to my work.

I hope & expect that this course will upgrade my knowledge and enrich my skills on participatory research methodologies and recent advancements in this arena.

My learning objective from this course is, to learn & practice the different methodologies of participatory research which will enrich my program as well as improve my skills to be a good research worker.

Picture of Nazmul Alam
Re: Welcome!
by Nazmul Alam - Wednesday, 23 July 2014, 8:16 AM

Hello and Good day everyone!

I am working with Child Protection sector as Project Manager-Chetona. My project works towards establishment of care and protection system and raise public awareness for the rights of two marginalized group of children. While implementing this project, we are focusing on the children of sex workers and children who are affected/infected by AIDS. And through training and awareness session we are trying to enable the children and their parents about theirs rights and protection. Also, we are working towards positive parenting of parents and making them more aware of vulnerabilities of their children. Beside the children group, we are also maintaining close network and collaboration with government entities and civil society to create a universal child protection mechanism for children of all segments.

I have been working with save the children since November 2012 and previously i was working in icddr,b. I graduated from University of Dhaka, majoring in Sociology.

The primary reason for me to join this course is to learn intensively about the participatory research and how to conduct one empirically. I have been involved in research for 5 years and the knowledge of research domain is always expanding. So in hope of learning some  new paradigm, tools and dimension i am looking forward to this course. My learning objective will be gain a solid understanding on participatory research and it's implication in real life.

As project manager i have to be involved with many small action research within the project and I suppose it will open new learning doors for me.

I am living in Dhaka, like to read books & watch movies. Huge fan of science fiction and love to play cricket. I am a "winter lover" and I do not enjoy rainy season :). I am married, me and my spouse are blessed with one daughter. As both of us are working parents,  we love the holidays as it gives us time with our daughter.

Looking forward to learn from you..... :)


Picture of Md. Nazmul Haque Sardar
Re: Welcome!
by Md. Nazmul Haque Sardar - Wednesday, 23 July 2014, 9:13 AM

I have been working with development organizations almost nine years and most of the time [my professional life], I got opportunity to work with marginalized and vulnerable women and children through monitoring and evaluation related activities. Currently, I am working with Save the Children [renowned INGO] as Deputy Manager-M&E under Health and Nutrition sector in Bangladesh.


As a Deputy Manager-M&E, I, on a regular basis, conduct monitoring and evaluation related task or I assist to conduct assessment/research/survey in existing project under Health & Nutrition sector. I believe that if I complete the certificate course on participatory research, I could do better performance in my regular responsibilities. Therefore, I choose the course and desire to complete it successfully.


I have been contributing to design and implementation M&E system, identify the indicators, and conduct impact assessments. So, I would like to enhance my expertise on participatory research on Health & Nutrition issues through the certificate course to conduct impact assessment more effectively. Moreover, I would like to know how I could make the planned study/research more participatory through both qualitative and quantitative methods. My expectation is also to know how action research could be more participatory, specially among children, adolescent and mother for their future immediate betterment.


As, I regularly capture project impact and outcomes based on information obtained from different layer of project implementation. So, my learning objective from the course is: to establish participatory research systematically and regularly to promote & strengthen knowledge management and a learning system in the project as alternative way of capturing project impact and outcomes.


As my working station is Dhaka, therefore, currently I have been living in Dhaka and Bangla is my native language. I have also communication skills both in oral and written English. Traveling is my hobby and I am always interested to work with children and women. I have good public relation capacity having good analytical mind to assess the situation for the betterment of the people.


I would be happy, on completion of the course, if I can help my organization to achieving the goal efficiently. Moreover as a young professional, I always like to take different new challenges for the betterment of the organization and country as well.

Picture of Rahul Kanti Barua
Re: Welcome!
by Rahul Kanti Barua - Wednesday, 23 July 2014, 5:21 PM

I am Rahul Kanti Barua, working as Deputy Manager-Monitoring and Evaluation in SHIKHON program, Save the Children. In my Job responsibility, research is one of my priority area to support program to increase the quality and measure the learning outcome of the children.

My educational background is Statistics and currently I have completed my another Masters degree of Population, Reproductive Health, Gender and Development. 

My learning objective is to enrich my knowledge and capacity to design and conduct participatory research and the expectations from this course are

  • To learn about the participatory research design
  • The essential component of research
  • Construction about the research questions
  • How combination both quantitative and qualitative part to complete a research and it report writing
  • Hands on training and complete a full course research including field operation, design, methodology and analysis and presentation and research report writing

The reasons for taking up this course is to take lead and build my knowledge and capacity to conduct participatory research and also carry out the research as per the program requirements and support other program or country requirements

Currently we have design and conducted baseline survey in Government primary school’s students those who enrolled in our SHIKHON clubs to support out of school timing for those who are performing poor in their schools. Moreover a study completed to assess competencies of Pre-primary of SHIKHON School.  

I love to travel, reading article, like to test new food items in different countries, etc....


Picture of Purvi Dass
by Purvi Dass - Thursday, 24 July 2014, 7:28 AM

Dear Tania Laizu Sumy, Sheikh Sultan Muhammad Hijbullah, Nazmul Alam, Md. Nazmul Haque Sardar and Rahul Kanti Barua,

It is great to get a glimpse of  you and your work.

The expectations you have shared will definitely be addressed through this course.

As we proceed together during this journey of learning we shall be sometimes  the learner and sometimes the `knowledge sharer/teacher'.

Looking forward to enjoy this journey!!!!!

Others do introduce your self.

All the best,


PS: How do want me to address you ...  full name or the part of it.

Taniya Laizu Sumy, Manager- Curriculum and Material Development, SHIKHON Program, Save the Children
Re: Thanks!
by Taniya Laizu Sumy - Thursday, 24 July 2014, 8:01 AM

I am comfortable at Taniya.

Picture of Md. Nazmul Haque Sardar
Re: Thanks!
by Md. Nazmul Haque Sardar - Thursday, 24 July 2014, 12:53 PM

Please address me as Nazmul

Picture of Nazmul Alam
Re: Thanks!
by Nazmul Alam - Thursday, 24 July 2014, 11:23 PM

Since we have another "Nazmul" in the group, I think I will go with my nick name. If it is not too much please address me "Tuhin".

Picture of Rahul Kanti Barua
Re: Thanks!
by Rahul Kanti Barua - Sunday, 3 August 2014, 1:24 PM

For me Just Rahul


SSM Hejbullah
Re: Thanks!
by Sheikh Sultan Muhammad Hejbullah - Monday, 4 August 2014, 11:15 AM

I usually known as Hijbullah.


Picture of Mirza Moinul Islam
Re: Welcome!
by Mirza Moinul Islam - Thursday, 24 July 2014, 11:27 AM
I am working as Manager-Quality Assurance /Quality Improvement at HIV/AIDS sector of Save the Children in Bangladesh. Save the Children is one of the major fund management agency who has been implemented HIV program since 2004. The program covers 14,000+ People Who Inject Drugs (PWIDs) and 28,000+ Female Sex Workers (FSWs) through 169 Drop in Centers (DICs) in fifty three Districts of Bangladesh by providing essential services of high risk population.

I am medical graduate and also complete Master of Science in Health Economics from University of Dhaka. My major responsibilities in the program for providing strategic and technical leadership to the project and build capacity of implementing partners for quality management, quality assurance and improvement initiatives around service delivery levels. I also involve undertake periodic Quality Assessment/ Quality Audit and analysis from both ‘clients point of view’ and ‘process point of view’. So, the course originated very much interesting and in line to my work. I hope & expect that this course will upgrade my knowledge and enrich my skills on participatory research methodologies and recent advancements.

As I’m a program personale , my primary reason for me to join this course ,to learn & practice the different component & methodologies of participatory research and how to apply research findings to the program ,which will improve my knowledge and skills as well as the HIV/AIDs prevention program.

I live in Dhaka with my family. I am very much happy and delighted to stay with my family and friends....also great fan of Brazilian Football team.... love to visit historical place.
Picture of Kazi Eliza Islam
Re: Welcome!
by Kazi Eliza Islam - Sunday, 27 July 2014, 11:10 AM
Dear Purvi,

Greetings from Eliza, Save the Children International, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Currently I am working as "Advisor-Signature program, Food Security and Livelihood Sector, Save the Children, Bangladesh.

Signature program is a highly ambitious multi-year Food security and nutrition program aims to significantly reduce chronic malnutrition (stunting) among children under two years of age in northeast part of Bangladesh. The program intends to achieve its goal by addressing underlying causes of malnutrition (that relate mostly to weak nutrition governance across the country, economic barriers, gender discriminations and unequal power relations) through a coherent multi-sectoral approach. The program is under development. As a technical Lead of the program, my major responsibility is to coordinate the proposal development process and provide technical guidance to ensure quality standard of the design. Demonstrating program impact and attribution through rigorus research and evaluation, knowledge generation about what works, what does not work and evidence based advocacy are some of the major components of this program.

As part of program design and problem analysis we already have conducted series of studies to and have plan to conduct few more in coming months. One of those planned studies is "Understanding Gender dimension and Social relations that contribute to malnutrition in program areas".

Though I have some research background to design and conduct both quantitative and qualitative research, I am interested to enhance my knowledge, skills and confidence particularly in the area of participatory social research.

My overall learning objective from this course is
"Being more confident in designing and conducting participatory research with scientific rigor in exploring complex social issues"

My expectations are:
To understand international perspective of Participatory research and its implications on current social science paradigm
Enhance theoretical and cutting edge knowledge in the arena of social research as a whole and in particular participatory research
Learn from practical examples of various challenges and opportunities in designing, conducting and using research finding in addressing social problems
Learn about various interactive tools and methods to apply in social research
Tips and insights in analyzing and interpreting research findings in an effective way.

Looking forward for a very interactive, enjoyable and fruitful course.

Best wishes


Picture of Purvi Dass
Great !!!
by Purvi Dass - Monday, 28 July 2014, 7:19 AM

Thanks Taniya, Nazmul and Tuhin, It is easy for me to relate with you.

Dear Mirza Moinul Islam and Kazi Eliza Islam,

It is wonderful to know you and your work partially. As the course would unfold we would know and learn more from each other.

I am sure Abdul Gaffer Mondal, Khalida Akhter and Masudur Rahman Masud will also introduce themselves in this forum soon.

Since Id is fast approaching. Enjoy the festivities with family and friends. This always recharges you to put in the best in life!!!!

All the best,


Picture of Masudur Rahman
Re: Welcome!
by Masudur Rahman - Saturday, 2 August 2014, 1:53 PM

Greetings from Save the Children Bangladesh! This is Md. Masudur Rahman (better known as Masud) working as Senior Project Officer at the Child Rights Governance (CRG) Theme particularly for ‘Reducing Unsafe Child Migration’ project.  

The project is mainly working for - Capacity building of elected local government officials in both rural and urban to help disadvantage children;  linkages the ‘at risk of migration’ children to Social Safety net service and other NGO services for mitigate the risk of unsafe migration; Introducing a unique software based registration system for both  ‘at risk of migration’ children and migrated children; and finally advocacy with government to adopt the registration system whole over the country. My engagement in the project is basically capacity development, M & E of project result, ensuring correct data input in the software, advocacy etc.

Academically I am graduated on ‘Women and Gender Studies’ from Dhaka University (feel familiar to see the Feminist Movements literature!) and gained almost 6 years of experience on development sector.

My learning objectives is in-depth understanding of Participatory Action Research as well as get hands on experience to use PAR in development field; and apply the research findings for better program result achieving.

Reasons for taking this course are- I am capable to: understand of participatory action research as for better program result achieving; effective community involvement to find out the way to increase the social accountability; get new idea from field by using PAR appropriately.

I live in Dhaka with my family (mom, 2 brothers and my wife with a cute 15 months son), I love to travel new places and listening music.

I will be very happy if I my learning from the course added new value to the child rights governance sector in Bangladesh.  

Thanks a lot to be with me to learn the new horizon of social research - PAR!




Picture of Purvi Dass
Great Masud!
by Purvi Dass - Monday, 4 August 2014, 6:37 AM

Thanks for sharing some info about you along with your Learning Objectives and expectations from this course.

May I request Khalida Akhter and Abdul Gaffer Mondal to share about you,your learning objectives and expectations.

The last date extended for this was yesterday 3rd Aug 2014.

All the best,

Picture of Abdul Gaffer Mondal
Re: Welcome!
by Abdul Gaffer Mondal - Monday, 4 August 2014, 11:16 AM

Greetings !

It’s my privilege to introduce myself in this learning forum, this is Abdul Gaffer Mondal, working as a Manager-M&E and MIS under HIV/AIDS Sector of Save the Children Bangladesh. I have started my carrier in the NGO sector since 1995 and worked for CARE Bangladesh up to 2013.  I have joined in Save the Children Bangladesh in May 2013.  Basically, I have experienced to work in Project implementation, training, advocacy, capacity building, partnership, research,  M&E and MIS wings in several projects under two INGOs working in Bangladesh i.e. CARE International and Save the Children.  In my educational history, I have completed Masters in two discipline; Masters of Social Science (MSS) in Sociology and Anthropology and Masters of Public Health (MPH). 

In my current position, I am responsible for providing technical guidance and ensure efficient functioning of project M&E and MIS plan for the partner organizations to track activities and processes according to approved procedures and work plan. Responsible for IMIS (Integrated Management Information System) application for the HIV/AIDS sector, Consortium Lead organization and implementing Partner NGOs. Developing/revise M&E tools, data collection methods & materials and reporting  (Donor report/Partners report ) are the integral part of my job roles.

Let me introduce the HIV/AIDS Sector where I am working for. This is the Global Funded project started since 2004. Save the Children has been playing Principle Recipient (PR) role in Bangladesh to contribute national HIV/AIDS prevention program.  Currently this program is working with most at risk population (MARPs) for HIV/AIDS including People Who Inject Drugs (PWIDs), Female Sex Workers (FSWs), People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) and youth population. We are serving around 50,000 MARPs through 169 Drop-In-Centers established in 54 districts out of total 64 districts in Bangladesh. Mainly, this project is working through partnership approach with 23 local, national, international and Community Based Organization (CBO)/Self help Group. The main activities are BCC, Condom promotion, Needle exchange program, Counseling, VCT, STI management, advocacy, capacity building and creating enabling environment.

However, this learning course will be opened a new horizon  that enable me to enhance my existing knowledge, skills and practices especially in the arena of Participatory Research in international perspective. At the same time, enjoy and explore opportunity to exchange learning’s and have scope for interaction with so many experts including course facilitators, other participants and relevant staff of PRIA International Academy. I strongly believe that this course will be benefited for my future development as well as for my organization where I will be contributed a lot. 

 All the best wishes and looking forward success of this learning course.

Sincerely Your’s

Abdul Gaffer Mondal

Picture of Purvi Dass
Thanks Abdul Gaffer Mondal!!
by Purvi Dass - Tuesday, 5 August 2014, 1:09 PM

It is nice to know your work and other info regarding this course from you.

I am waiting to hear from you too, Khalida Akhter !!!

All the best

Picture of Khaleda Akhter
Re: Welcome!
by Khaleda Akhter - Wednesday, 6 August 2014, 2:36 PM
Greetings from Save the Children International in Bangladesh! I, Khaleda Akhter (Shanta) am feeling proud for having the opportunity to be part of this learning forum. I joined Save the Children in 2003 as a Research Associate and now I am working as a Manager of Violence against Children Programme under Child Protection Section. My area of work is Addressing Sexual and Gender Based Violence against Children including Child Marriage. Through this programme I am facilitating four local NGO’s who are working at different geographical location both in rural and urban settings. In my working experience, I have found that it is difficult to work with children exposed to sexual and gender based violence and Their parents, teachers as well as family members. So for addressing sexual and gender-based violence I am working with different men and boys groups in the community. Awareness raising, capacity building, direct services and advocacy are the main components of this programme. Participation, communication by sharing information and mobilizing community people especially children are the main approaches of my work with this sensitive issue. I am monitoring and supervising programs through field visits, prepare report and providing recommendations to PNGOs. In addition, I am facilitating and providing technical support to the child protection section to address Gender and sexual violence in relation to child marriage. I am also coordinating work with different government ministries to establish child protection system. I have experience in working with indigenous children, children with disabilities and children of untouchable community (Horizon). As a part of my work, I am conducting Study and Research related to Child protection Issues and involving children as a researcher. I want my work to have a positive impact on the society. I want to work in an environment where I can use my intellect, integrity, sincerity, analytical power and innovative Ideas to speak about the deprived and to establish the rights of the underprivileged and vulnerable group of the society. I believe this course will give me the opportunity to work with marginalized children/people and empower me to learn different tools of participatory research for improving their life situations. It will also expand my knowledge and capacity to conduct research on marginalized children to examine and understand the challenges of poverty, inequality, and exclusion from the vantage point of the marginalized. My Expectations from this course is to understand Social Research, to learn Participatory Research Methods and Tools for generating knowledge, increase knowledge on Alternative System of knowledge production and learn participatory methods of analyzing, disseminating and utilizing knowledge for working with marginalized children. I am married and I am proud mother of two baby boys. I am looking forward to learn from you all. With best regards, Shanta
Picture of Purvi Dass
Thanks Shanta!
by Purvi Dass - Sunday, 10 August 2014, 6:57 AM

Dear Shanta,

Although we are working with many issues in social sector but sexual and gender based violence with children is indeed a  sin in our society. My full support to you in your endeavour.

As this course will unfold, we both  would know each other's work more.

With this I am fortunate to be introduced with all participants of this course.

Together, with support, knowledge and experiences of each other we continue our journey of life long learning!!!!!

Within a day or two I shall upload consolidated Learning Objectives and Expectations.

All the best,