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Module 1
by Anshuman Karol (INS) - Wednesday, 7 May 2014, 10:49 AM
Dear Learner,
I trust you have gone through the introduction and get familiar with the Moodle platform. As you know Module 1 is open and it will remain open till 15th May. The current module will help you to understand the approaches of decentralised planning across different countries. It will also help you to know how term 'district' is used to identify unit of local government in these countries. In the second unit you'll be able to understand not only the difference between centralized and decentralised planning but also advantages and disadvantages of these planning approaches.

The additional readings along with the module will help you to further develop your understanding on the decentralised planning.

I suggest that you may go through the module and additional readings by May 10th so that further discussion can be initiated.

With best wishes,
Anshuman Karol