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Re: Introduction to Module 1
by Swathi Subramaniam(INS) - Sunday, 25 May 2014, 12:57 PM
Jashosree, Social Audit in simple terms mean post activity review. Social Audit is the audit of government for a social program done for the welfare of poor. Social audit is done whether the benefits of a welfare program has benefited the people or not. CSR - means that a company has to invest some part of its income for the welfare of marginalised. Recently, Companies Bill 2012 incorporates a provision of CSR where every private and public company has to invest 2% of their income towards some social and development activity for the poor. CSR has led to CSR reporting, ESG reporting, triple bottom line accounting etc. The audit of CSR reporting is performed by some third party. Hence both Social audit and CSR are very different in nature. I hope have clarified. Swathi.