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Re: Sexual harassment of women lawyers at court premises
by Nandita (INS) - Monday, 7 April 2014, 11:14 AM
Thank you Dipankar for your query,

Yes women lawyers practicing in the different courts in India can take coverage under this Act.

As per the directions given in the Medha Kotwal Lele and Others Vs. Union of India and Others by the Supreme Court on 19 October 2012. It says:

The Bar Council of India shall ensure that all bar associations in the country and persons registered with the State Bar Councils follow the Vishaka Guidelines. Similarly, Medical Council of India, Council of Architecture, Institute of Chartered Accountants, Institute of Company Secretaries and other statutory Institutes shall ensure that the organizations, bodies, associations, institutions and persons registered/affiliated with them follow the guidelines laid down by Vishaka.

To achieve this, necessary instructions/circulars shall be issued by all the statutory bodies such as Bar Council of India, Medical Council of India, Council of Architecture, Institute of Company Secretaries within two months from today. On receipt of any complaint of Sexual Harassment at any of the places referred to above, the same shall be dealt with by the statutory bodies in accordance with the Vishaka Guidelines and the guidelines in the present order.

Additionally, the Supreme Court of India has also passed a resolution for the Gender sensitisation & Sexual harassment of women at the Supreme Court of India.

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Martha and Nandita